Elvis Virtual Tour

Walk in the childhood and teenage footsteps of Elvis Presley in two exclusive virtual walking tours of Downtown Memphis and Downtown Tupelo


Downtown Memphis Walking Tour – COMING SOON!

As The Birthplace of Rock and Roll and the Home of the Blues, Memphis played a huge role in Elvis Presly’s early rise to fame. 

Let’s go Walkin’ in Memphis to see the places that influenced Elvis’ on a personal and professional level in the early days of his high school and teenage years. 

In the Downtown Memphis Virtual Walking Tour, visit multiple locations including: 

* Where Elvis went to his senior prom

* Former site where Elvis worked as a movie usher

* Where Elvis signed his RCA record contract

* Former site of the radio station that first played “That’s All Right” 

* Where Elvis purchased his early stage outfits

* Former site where Elvis, Scotty and Bill purchased their instruments

* Site of WDIA radio station

* Private collection of Elvis memorabilia

* Elvis statue



Downtown Tupelo Walking Tour – COMING SOON!

Walk in the childhood footsteps of The King of Rock and Roll where Elvis lived the first 13 years of his life and then returned as a star just 7 years later

In the Downtown Tupelo Walking Tour, visit multiple locations including: 

* Former site of Tupelo Fairgrounds where Elvis performed at age 10 and later as an adult 

* The store where Elvis got his first guitar

* The place Elvis performed as a child on the radio

* One of young Elvis’ local hangouts

* Where Elvis mother worked

* Elvis murals and statue