Elvis Presley’s secret crush on Mary Tyler Moore and possible romance with Jane Elliot

There is no denying that Elvis Presley was loved by women and very few could resist his charms. However, there is one famous woman who did not succumb to The King’s magnetism.


Elvis’ co-star on what turned out to be his last feature film was none other than Mary Tyler Moore, former star of The Dick Van Dyke Show. They were paired up for the 1969 film, Change of Habit, where Elvis played a hip doctor and Mary played a nun.

However, the real story going on behind the scenes may have been more intriguing than the plot of the film. Mary Tyler Moore revealed in her 1995 autobiography, After All, that Elvis, The King of Rock and Roll, had a crush on her.
At her first meeting with Elvis, “He confessed right from the start that he’d had a crush on me since The Dick Van Dyke Show,” Moore explained. “He was so shy about it he was literally kicking at the dirt below him as he talked. He had a tendency, even though I was younger, to call me ‘ma’am’ out of respect: ‘Yes ma’am. Be right there, ma’am.’”

However, in addition to the fact that both Elvis and Mary were married at the time, the two were not necessarily compatible and a behind-the-scenes romance never happened.

Another actress who played one of the three nuns in the film described how Mary was not very sociable with the rest of the cast:

“I didn’t talk to her much because she really was kind of standoffish,” said Barbara McNair. “She wasn’t easy to get to know. At lunchtime, the lunch wagon would come and everybody would eat together. She never ate with us. She ate in her own dressing room … She didn’t really socialize so I never got to know her.”

Up and coming actress, 22-year-old Jane Elliot (center), who also played one of the nuns provided some great insight to the relationship between Moore and Presley:

“The truth is, working with Mary was the more difficult for him [Elvis] because they worked so differently and they didn’t really have a mutual ground to meet on. Elvis and Barbara, Barbara and me, me and Elvis—he felt more accepted and comfortable. I don’t think he felt that either Mary liked him or understood him. Elvis was not comfortable with her because of her inaccessibility.”

If a romance did happen on the set, it was possibly between Elvis and Jane Elliot. Elliot would go on to star on General Hospital where she has been a cast member off and on for 20 years and won a Daytime Emmy award for her role as Tracy Quartermaine.
However, Elliot has kept mum on whether anything romantic happened between her and The King on the set of Change of Habit. When asked by TV Guide if Elvis made a pass at her while filming, Jane (pictured with Elvis below) replied: “He made a pass at everybody!”

elvis-janeelliot-colorcHowever, the director of the film, William A. Graham, believed that something was going on as he revealed in a 2005 interview:

“Jane Elliot was having a little romance with Elvis, and sometimes she’d go off in the trailer with Elvis between setups and come out with her wimple askew and her habit looking a little messed up.”

In 2016, Elliot gave her most revealing answer to date. When asked about her relationship with Elvis, she replied: “I am not going to tell you that we didn’t sleep together.”

Meanwhile, on a professional level, Elvis and Mary Tyler Moore got along fine. In a December 1969 article in Coronet Magazine, Mary praised Presley’s acting ability: “It’s not just that he always knew his lines; that’s true of any real pro. It’s the way he probes the character. And he is a lot more fun that I’d have guessed. I think he’d be a fine comedian… I’ve never worked with a more gentlemanly, kinder man.”

And in her 1995 autobiography, Moore wrote, “I was his last leading lady. The King would slyly say later on, ‘I slept with every one of my leading ladies but one.’ I don’t want to bust anyone’s cover, but I know who the ‘one’ is.”


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5 thoughts on “Elvis Presley’s secret crush on Mary Tyler Moore and possible romance with Jane Elliot

  1. In her book, “MEOW! My Groovy Life with Tiger Beat’s Teen Idols”, then editor, Ann Moses, writes that on the set of “Change of Habit” she witnessed long make-out sessions between Elvis and Mary Tyler Moore. She writes that they would “lie on a big blanket out in the sunshine of the park…making out like teenagers.” She said no one else paid any attention to this often time event, but because the costars were both married to others at the time, Ms. Moses said it made her very uncomfortable. (book excerpt, page 229).


  2. Them goodie to shoes thinks because the don’t admit it no one sees them don’t they know what you do always comes out


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