Elvis Presley’s Homecoming statue in Tupelo from every angle

In August 2012, a bronze statue of Elvis Presley was unveiled in his hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi. The statue of Elvis circa 1956 singing and reaching out his hand was based on an actual photo of Presley performing onstage at his historic 1956 homecoming concert in Tupelo.

The photo taken by Roger Marshutz is referred to as “the hands.” The statue was created by Mississippian sculptor William Beckwith.

The 1956 Tupelo concert allowed such close access to Elvis with fans able to reach up and shake his hand. The statue now allows Elvis fans who weren’t around in 1956 to take a picture with the sculpture of Elvis’ and grab his hand.

Watch below for a virtual tour of the statue – up close and from every angle:

The Tupelo Elvis Fan Club raises money for charity each year by selling bricks around the statue (see video above). Elvis fans can purchase their own brick and have it inscribed with a personal message.

The Tupelo Elvis Fan Club has also placed markers on the surrounding benches. 

Elvis was born in Tupelo in 1935 and lived there with his parents until 1948 when his family moved to Memphis. After Elvis achieved worldwide fame, he returned to Tupelo in September 1956 to perform two concerts for fans at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show held in the Tupelo Fairpark District. 

The statue of Elvis sits at the former site of the Tupelo Fairgrounds where the concert was held. 

This Elvis sculpture is just one of many tributes to Presley in Tupelo. 


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