How to watch the free Elvis Presley TV channel

Learn how you can find the Elvis Presley streaming channel on your TV so you can watch Elvis all day long! 

The new Elvis Presley streaming TV channel launched on June 27, 2022 by Cinedigm, a streaming entertainment company dedicated to serving enthusiast fan bases. In partnership with Elvis Presley Enterprises, LLC and ABG Entertainment, “the new streaming channel comprises Elvis Presley films and specials along with additional movies, series and lifestyle programming inspired by Elvis – including new, original series in development.”

“Elvis Presley is an iconic performer whose global appeal transcends across generations and a diverse range of fans,” said Erick Opeka, President of Cinedigm Digital Networks. “We see his ongoing influence today in music, movies, fashion and culture. Building on this expansive legacy, The Elvis Presley Channel will provide compelling programs, including exclusive and eclectic original series and specials, across a variety of concert, documentary and scripted content genres. With the channel, we aim to not only thrill current fans and showcase Elvis’ influences and demonstrate enduring impact but to engage new generations of fans through our curated and creative program line-up.”

Watch a sneak peak here:

According to the Cinedigm press release, The Elvis Presley Channel will be refreshed monthly with hundreds of hours of films and series about Elvis Presley.

The channel will include:

Exclusive films and specials such as the Elvis ’68 Comeback Special, Elvis Aloha From Hawaii and both the broadcast & unedited versions of Elvis, by the Presleys.

Themed programming blocks including Elvis’s FavoritesFriends of ElvisElvis Inspired Reality and Lifestyle ProgrammingAfrican American Artists that Inspired Elvis and 50’s Rock N’ Roll Rebel Movies. Fans will be able to tune in for hours watching some of Elvis’ favorite TV and film content including The Beverly Hillbillies, John Wayne movies such as Angel and the Badman, Blue Steel and Riders of Destiny, as well as Bruce Lee films like Warrior’s Journey and The Man The Myth.

Here is an actual screenshot from the channel, where you can see that you have the ability to pause the show, rewind, fast-forward, etc:

Some of you may have a hard time finding the Elvis channel because it is actually not a main streaming channel. I would call it a sub-channel.

So let me show you how to find the Elvis TV channel. 

Watch here:

You would think that all you have to do is search for the ELVIS channel, but actually it’s not listed in the main channel sections.

What you need to do is add one of the MAIN channels that plays the Elvis channel.

The channels include:

LG Channels
Amazon Freevee
and Local Now.

Promo for Elvis Week 2022 on The Elvis Presley Channel

If you missed a film or video that was on-air, sometimes you can watch it on-demand through the Elvis channel. 

If you don’t have a TV capable of showing streaming channels, the TV featured in the YouTube video demo is a ROKU TV. It’s very affordable and comes in multiple screen sizes.

Here is the purchase link:

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2 thoughts on “How to watch the free Elvis Presley TV channel

  1. Why waist time with all the garbage and put strictly ELVIS on his station. Show movies like “King Creole” “viva Las Vegas” Follow that Dream” Elvis on tour” That’s the way it is” Jailhouse Rock”Blue Hawaii” Loving You” I could go on but make this abut ELVIS!!!! Not about who Elvis liked. And get the Damn Beatles off his station. Thank you.


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